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Free learning styles inventory, including graphical results

The learning styles inventory provides you with a guide to your own personal learning styles. By asking a series of questions and then scoring the results, it will illustrate your dominant and secondary learning styles.

The learning styles inventory (quiz, questionnaire, test) is free and available on this site. You can do the test now.

Note that you should only use styles inventories as a general guide to your styles - not as an absolute answer. More information is coming soon, so return often to check for updates.

Use the online questionnaire

Learning Styles graph

This is a sample Learning Styles graph produced by the online test.

Our online learning styles inventory has 70 questions and provides a graphical results page. You can also share your results with other users and compare yourself with your peers*. Over 1 million people have done this test!

* Registration required upon completion of test.

Other users comments:

Here is some feedback from users of the online test:

  • Janice:

    "Thank you for such a wonderful site. I am trying to get my high school students to recognize their learning styles and your site has been the best site in this journey."

    Janice is a teacher from the USA.

  • PJ:

    "Very helpful to get a glimpse at areas of yourself that you don't normally think about."

    PJ is an IT professional from the USA.

  • Halley:

    "I thought that this test was GREAT! It really unlocked my learning styles and helped me! Thank you."

    Halley is from the USA.

See more feedback and comments on our learning styles inventory testimonials page.

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